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Key Specifications/Special Features:

    The operating principle is to dissolve water directly by electrolysis.
    Hydrogen ionic groups which carry negative charge are formed during electrolysis.
    The electrolytic mediator directly contacts with electrodes in which it transforms to a relatively stable state.
    This state is named by the mediator as the “mediator structural activation state”.
    Change has occurred with the characteristic of mediator, which is the negative charge ORP. Changes have happened to its tiny molecular structure, but not about the PH value of its chemical structure.
    As a result, the solution produced after electrolysis is able to inhibit oxidation.
    The degree of anti-oxidation depends on the structure of the electrolytic solution and the strength of electrolysis.

    Product descriptions
    1. Eco-friendly materials of supreme food grade: safe, worry free and environmentally friendly
    2. Separable design, easy to operate and safe
    3. Filter can be replaced easily, the filter material can be custom made according to customer's requirements
    4. Batteries are made of titanium-platinum which can prolong battery life
    5. Multi-function design, users can use it with the way they prefer
    6. The design of water column of swirl imitating the sound of spring: allowing the oxygen molecules to dissolve in water so that it is filled with active oxygen
    7. Multi-color LED display that provides visual pleasure
    8. Display of water level line in container: the amount of water used can be effectively controlled
    9. The quantity of hydrogen produced is doubled compared to other machines of the same type, and there is no chlorine leftover in water after electrolysis. It can be consumed without worry.

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Guangzhou Olansi Water Treatment Equipment Co. Ltd

4th year China (mainland)

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C5 Building, Gaosha Industrial Zone, Zhongcun, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China  511495

Tel:  (86 20) 39906470 (86 20) 31568176

Fax:  (86 20) 84713468 (86 20) 31568176

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